About Us

The Worthy Men project is a House of The African Initiative that seeks to celebrate men of all social class, who are amazingly imparting on humanity, society and also doing tremendously well in their respective career areas.

With the influx of dynamic ways of celebrating women, we aim at advocating the need to celebrate men on days slated for them including Fathers’ Day, observed every First Sunday in June – and International Men’s Day on November 19. As with equal celebrations observed for women like the Mothers’ Day on every first Sunday in May and International Women’s Day on March 8.

Men, unseemingly fragile and soft hearted and as emotional as they can be even though this is not shown as in the case of women; there seem to be no reaction to the assertion that women are taking all the credit on the celebration days with less emphasis on men, who equally carry difficult burdens in the family and the society.

Men are part of the society. As the good book notes, the man is the first creation and as much as this project isn’t debating the relevance of men or women.

House of the African is seeking to neutralise the treatment of men under the notion that they have already enjoyed as men and hence, should enjoy equal celebrations as those created for women, that is if the rational human being believe in the natural law of ‘equality’.

In as much as men are believed by nature that they are able to take care of their emotional and occupational needs; they equally deserve to be appreciated and supported without riding on their egos. They need to be respected!

It is against this that the House of The African would like to initiate such appreciative gesture for the amazing, yet successful men on the African Continent, starting with the Ghanaian society.



The Worthy Men project seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • To highlight focus on the need to appreciate and applaud men for their hard work which should not be taken for granted.
  • To celebrate the strong-willed nature of men and their abilities to control their emotions irrespective of how demeaning and frustrating circumstances may be.
  • To celebrate their achievements and contributions to humanity.
  • To create an easy platform for the role models to mentor the young men.
  • To reduce the rate of crime masterminded by men.


Company Background

House of the African is a registered company under Ghana’s Companies Code 1963 (Act 179). As suggested by our name, we are here to serve the African continent as a whole. The company belongs to the Media Consultation (PR/Marketing) with very resourceful and experienced team; providing excellent and affordable services for all clients.